I was on Akamai IOwhich it touts itself as The Internet Observatory for the trends and traffic insights you needand thought Id find the most interesting stats, and share them: 1. Internet Explorer browsers account for nearly 50% of all browser requests. 2. More requests come from Mobile Safari than Safari (the desktop favor). 3. [...]


I used to try to be a programmer and learn all the visible tools. Now Im trying to be the founder of a company that uses computing, software, the Internet, and some applied math to make $. So, for me now, computing is just a tool. Moreover, for my business, by far the more important [...]


Making time for really digging in to programming is rough. I get a few hours a week to experiment and explore, and many modern languages, tools, libraries and stacks can take years to master. Thats basically one tutorial, a couple chapters, or good blog post to read and work through a week. You can become [...]


1) Play. One of the keys to learning programming (and computers for that matter) is the ability to play and have fun while learning. Even by just trying to do things that are nonsense, have no purpose, and are non-productive. (In college I got called into the computer center office just for writing a program [...]


It seems nobody wants to acknowledge supply and demand. Not every startup will get the best developers (or any). The general impression I get about the mentality surrounding the hiring of engineers is that people want to pay them based on intrinsic value instead of market value. Theres no consideration for how much they add [...]

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The market for Rails developers is simply nuts right now. Quick analogy: Smokey Roberts is a scuba legend and underwater filmmaker, now in his 80s. Worked with NOAA, Cousteau, National Geo, etc. But he also ran a dive shopSmokeys Divers Den in Lancaster.