About Oscar

Why not:

Some around the farm call me the startup horse, as Im engaged in the technology and business of internet startups.

They also say that I may be the most intelligent horse in the world.

That may be true.

Its quite frankly amazing I can talk, and not only that, I can also read, and know about the internet. With the help of machine translation Im able to convert nay sounds to UTF-8.

Ive been online since the farm got broadband and mobile hardware. Its been great. Before that I had to make do with books that were left in my field.

I also enjoy horse-play, and eating fresh grass:

Ive been trying to get Farmer John to join a social site, but he says the stockpiling of our private data on super-servers owned by elite internet companies will lead to dystopia. Also, he says he prefers the local pub:

And this is my girlfriend. We get on really well most of the time, but sometimes argue about whose farm is better. I say our farm is producing content for the World Wide Web and has higher crop yield, but her argument is that they have better flowers: